The history of TLHenrique is the result of an ongoing commitment to the satisfaction of their customers.

The path of success of the Company began in 2003, when it was founded. Since then TLHenrique is known to go a route where the growth has been based on honesty, competence, loyalty and trust.

With the experience and know-how acquired in the transport industry, we always imagine the best solution to the problems of our clients, analyzing the most appropriate to their needs in order to make them simple and efficient.

The financial stability that characterizes the history of TLHenrique has permitted to establish solid relationships with our customers, agents and suppliers.


- Be a partner and an organization recognized by its customers through trust and professionalism.

- Answer your requirements and meet their expectations, maintaining the long term of our agreements.

- Search continually innovative solutions to meet the requirements for a quality service.


In the development of itīs activity, TLHenrique and its employees shall be governed by the following values:

- Ethics
- Integrity
- Eligibility
- Accuracy
- Humility
- Team-work


Being a provider of reliable transport of goods, creating in a profitable and sustainable manner, value for all stakeholders.